Design Review Application

Please fill out this form completely and turn in with all the required drawings and documents for review. Please Allow 2 weeks for review. If you are missing any of the requirements mentioned below approval will be delayed. For questions call Mark @ 405-820- 4897 We require one set of plans and emailed to NorthwoodVillagePOA@gmail.com or mail to:

Northwood Village POA
PO Box 13540
OKC, OK 73113
ATTN: Design Review Board

Please include in your set of plans:

Site plan with requested changes and measurements of the structure and measurements from property lines and home

  • Pictures or brochures if available of materials/products or structure o Include the total height of the structure to be built
  • List of materials to be used
  • Color of materials/paint to be used
  • Swimming pools must be inground
  • Is the yard fenced
Application for Design Review Northwood Village

If you are using a contractor:

It is hereby understood and agreed that approval of this application by a reviewer does not constitute approval as to compliance with applicable Oklahoma law or any City ordinances.