Clubhouse Rental Agreement

Northwood Village POA

Clubhouse Rental Rules and Agreement

1. All rental requests must be emailed to CMS@CSolutionsok.com

a. POA parties and functions will be given priority.
b. All other requests will be based on the first request as received by email.
c. No more than one request per property at a time

2. Rental deposit, responsibility, Repair and Reservations

a. The rental deposit is $125 and is fully refundable.
b. The reserving party assumes full financial and legal responsibility for all damages that arise from using the club house. 
c. If any damages occur the Board will repair or replace damaged items and the party reserving the clubhouse will be charged back accordingly. 
d. Reservations are not recorded or reserved until the deposit has been received. Checks should be mailed to

Northwood Village POA
4260 28th Ave NW
Suite 110
Norman, Ok 73069

3. At the end of the rental the renter will need to make sure there is no food left on site including the refrigerator, remove all trash, and return furniture to its normal position including exterior furniture.

4. This rental agreement is for the Clubhouse and cabana area only. This expressly excludes use of the pool.

5. You and your guest acknowledge you are aware that there are security cameras in use on the property.

6. The following functions are expressly forbidden on any part of the property:

a. Any illegal activity such as gambling, drug use or other acts
b. No political party or fundraiser and no political signs placed on property.
c. Underage consumption of alcohol
d. No smoking or tobacco use of any kind including vaping.

All fees are property of the POA to help pay utility bills, maintenance fees and cleaning of the property. Rates and terms are subject to change.

I, the owner of the property located at the address below in Northwood Village have read and agree to all of the conditions of this agreement and further understand that I will be personally and financially responsible for any damage or actions by any of my guests.
Clubhouse Rental Rules and Agreement
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